04 April 2016

Omni-channel marketing, step by step

As online marketing and consumer behavior are changing all the time, we like to introduce you to our omni-channel marketing paper. It is our Adagio methodology, of which we believe it is an excellent way of organizing your marketing strategy.

Omni channel strategie

Omni-channel marketing is happening right now and it is important that every company takes steps to set the consumer central and does not keep on working in an obsolete manner. It is time to rethink your strategy and embrace the future. Step by step, we will guide you through this process.

First we can’t go around the fact that consumer habits are changing. That is something marketers already knew. But how to deal with this? Before we can decide how to meet our (potential) customers, we need to know who they are, who we are and, very important, in which market we are operating.

After this profound research, we know which channels we will use to reach our audience. There are multiple ways to communicate to the consumer. In our series to omni-channel marketing, we can’t forget the multichannel marketing step and the customer’s trajectory preference. Only later, comes omni-channel marketing.

So what is now the big difference between omni-channel marketing and  multichannel marketing? While multichannel is about using different channels, omni-channel raises the bar by also integrating those channels. It takes multichannel to the next level by capturing information about the consumer and using this information to communicate with that consumer in a consistent and personal way across channels.

An important part of omni-channel marketing is profound data management. Because of good data management, the company can collect all information possible on its customer and therefore know what kind of customer he is.

You’ll learn more about the whole omni-channel customer experience and the importance of data gathering in our whitepaper.

Want to read more? Download our whitepaper