31 May 2017

Marketing automation is the way to create trusted relationships

Did you know that human brain activity is significantly more triggered and activated when interacting with a known person compared to interacting with an unknown person? This is, from an evolutionary perspective, because our brain tells us that personalizing is more worthy of our valuable attention. This association can also be extended to and made use of in the business world.

Marketing automation

Nowadays, a proficient marketer will increasingly strive to have the consumer feel like he or she is truly known by the company or brand on an individual level, but it’s not that straightforward in reality. In many cases, the marketer has never even met the target group, let alone consumers on an individual basis.

When confronted with this issue, marketing automation could be the perfect solution for your organization. It’s by far the most powerful way to create, understand and address different segments within your contact base in order to talk to them on an individual basis, fully automated.

Through using highly personalized and relevant content, and providing this content through the preferred channel at the right time, marketing automation aims to establish durable and value-adding relationships with your stakeholder base. In the following paragraphs, these principles are elaborated:


Engaging personally

The trust-building process exists of recognizing the customer’s unique characteristics, longings and ambitions. Marketing automation gives marketers the ability to personalize content to different segments of their audience. The objective is to reach more qualitative consumers, increase engagement and awareness and create trust. This can go from email campaigns with relevant tips and insights to sharing valuable content that isn’t possible to find somewhere else. Marketing automation builds trust on a step-by-step approach while letting customers discover your service or brand.


Listening attentive

In every relationship, trust is an important issue. This also counts for commercial relationships. Creating trust results in staying true to your word and being reliable and reputable. By using marketing automation, you can follow up your contact’s preferences in terms of communication and interests.

This is possible because marketing automation allows us to access the visitors’ activities that are found within the platform, such as filled out forms, email opens, etc., … This way, we can determine the levels of interest. Every marketer can maximize each interaction and meet customers at an optimal time when they are in their respective decision-making processes.


The right timing

Relevant content is not the only important section, so is determining the best outlets and frequency for distributing your content.

You have to meet your customers where they actively are. Said differently, reach your customers via their preferred channels. By presenting the content at the right time, the customer feels that we’re paying attention and understanding their goals. The result is increased trust and long-term engagement.