30 November 2017

Marketing automation and artificial intelligence A match made in heaven

Marketing automation has undoubtedly turned established digital marketing practices upside down. Marketing automation makes marketing processes more efficient, productive, streamlined, data-driven and, as such, more successful.

marketing automation

Being prime marketing automation leaders, we need to rigorously take into account any new developments and potentially disruptive technologies that (might) pop up.

One of those potentially disruptive technologies is Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI. All the science-fiction-related imaging aside, we truly believe that AI might impact our everyday (professional) lives, which is why we decided to dedicate a blogpost to this newborn technology.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is also described as machine intelligence, it’s a specific computer science that focusses on exploring and creating intelligent machines. Through AI, for example, you can gain the advantage to understand each lead at an utmost individual level, enabling you to act automatically on that understanding.

The perks of artificial intelligence for Marketing Automation

Artificial intelligence adds a human touch to your communication with your leads, it enhances their digital customer experience. This new technology might be the missing link in your marketing practices as it will enable you to improve customer satisfaction around the experience and not the channel as such.

Artificial intelligence will aid you in making your marketing outreach more targeted. It will help you in selecting personalized messages or emails for individual customers and prospects, based on the huge vault of data any company currently has. It also helps you in tweaking the best timing for messages and the best channels that are linked to each customer individually, thus significantly increasing overall success ratios.

The biggest opportunity of artificial intelligence is that it gives you the ability to optimize the marketing and sales funnels automatically. The rigorous marketing automation testing processes will also be easier and faster, which sounds like a dream come true for any digital marketer.

A customer will appreciate your services when you satisfy his or her needs and longings, so we can conclude that customer experience is the most important part in this whole process. You are now offered the possibility to serve the lead perfectly personalized communication and solve potential problems before he or she will even notice them.