19 March 2019

Getting started guide for Acquia Drupal certification

Every now and then, we hear web developer friends and colleagues say that they want to obtain some sort of certification for their skills. Despite of having a recognized diploma or relevant working experience, they think it can be an extra line to add to their resume and increase value to the company they are working for. Despite being often skeptical about certification programs ourselves, we do see the value in some of them in some particular cases. This blogpost will focus on the Acquia Drupal certification programme.

Drupal-developers bij Intracto
Brent Schuddinck
Brent Schuddinck

We found it somewhat time consuming to find good relevant information about the available certification programmes, study resources and experienced some difficulties with the exam registration process as well.

With this article we would like to help you further along this path.

After reading this blogpost you’ll get a better idea of:

  • what the Acquia certification programme is

  • why we’ve chosen for the Acquia certification programme

  • the relevance of being an Acquia certified Drupal developer

  • the study resources that can help you in order to prepare for these exams

  • exam registration guide to guide you through the initial registration process

What is the Acquia certification programme?

Acquia is a company that offers a cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital Drupal experiences.

The Acquia Drupal certification programme is a study programme to measure your general Drupal knowledge as defined by Acquia.

Certification path

The programme consists of the following 4 paid exams in order from least difficult to hard:

  1. site builder

  2. developer

  3. front-end specialist

  4. back-end specialist

The Acquia certification exams are administered at Kryterion Testing Centers around the globe. It is also possible to take these exams online at your place.


If you pass the developer, front- and back-end specialist exams in a time frame of one year, you’ll be awarded with the Grand Master title. The site builder certificate is not required for this additional title.

About the exam

Each exam consists of a set of multiple choice and multiple response questions.

The questions are mostly case related and are about real world scenarios which makes the questions also more relevant.

More general information about the Acquia certification program can be found here and here.

Everyone who passes an Acquia Drupal certificate will be listed to the Acquia certification registry.

Relevance of Drupal certifications

There doesn’t exist something like an official Drupal institute that organises Drupal exams as a leading industry standard.

Theoretically, everyone can organise his own certification programme. With this given, the quality of these exams and the value of the issued certificates are determined by the company that organises them. In this case it’s Acquia.

Obtaining a certificate means that you have passed the questions developed by Acquia. Nothing more or less.

Can we say that it is absolutely necessary to have some sort of certification to verify your Drupal skills? In short no. In our opinion, relevant working experience and/or a degree is more important. But we are convinced that it can be helpful in some particular cases for example:

  • larger companies and agencies as an extra asset during prospecting interviews and pitches;

  • an extra test to measure some general knowledge as part of the recruitment procedure;

  • adding extra value to your CV or LinkedIn profile alongside other relevant working experience

Why did we choose this certification programme?

Dries Buytaert (founder and lead developer of Drupal) is also the co-founder and CTO of Acquia. He is a great reference in the Drupal industry and community. With this given and along with the acceptable quality of the questions, we can say that the Acquia certification programme can be considered as reliable.

Having a few Acquia certified developers can be one of the deciding factors to attract new customers. It can also be used as an extra argument during prospecting conversations and sales pitches. In addition to that, it can give extra confidence for clients to know that their project will be developed by a team of Drupal experts.

Because of this, we found the Acquia certification programme worth a try.

Helpful study resources

Are you interested in giving the Acquia Drupal certification programme a try as well?

It took us some time to find good detailed resources as a starting point. A lot of interesting information is spread among different helpful online articles, videos, git repositories, ...

To help you out, you can find some very helpful resources below that helped us out during the preparation process:

How to register for your first exam

  1. Create a account if you don’t have one already.

  2. Create an account on Webassessor During the registration process, you’ll be asked for your ID. This is your user ID, not your username. You can find your user ID in the URL by visiting and clicking on ‘Edit’.

In this example below , my user id is 3485527.

  1. Certificates are linked to a person, not a company. Despite of this, it is possible to add a company that will be shown next to your certificate record on the Acquia certification registry ( We recommend you to do that if you work for a company, because it can give your company extra visibility.

  2. After being logged in to, follow the steps on the right.

  1. You can participate to an exam in 2 different ways:

    1. At a Kryterion exam center of your choice. A few examples for Belgium:


    1. At your own preferred location (at home or work) via webcam. If this is your choice, you need to prepare your computer by installing and configuring a special software program, called Sentinel.

      At the time of writing this article, the program is only compatible with Windows and Mac.

      After installation, you need to configure a biometric profile (keystroke validation and face recognition) that will be used to identify yourself at the day of your exam.


An external webcam is recommended, but not required. An inbuilt webcam is also acceptable if the quality is good (at least 720p).


To make sure everything will work properly, we recommend you to use the same keyboard and device.

More detailed information can be found here (

  1. Next, choose a preferred date and time and complete the payment process. We also recommend to set your country to avoid time zone misinterpretations.



7. During your exam, you’ll be monitored. Sometimes, it is possible that the online proctor pauses the exam to adjust the webcam, or ask you to show your glasses to the camera to verify you’re real and that you aren't’ cheating.


After successfully completing and passing your exam, you’ll be referenced in the Acquia certification registry (

Acquia certified Drupal developers at Intracto

At the time of writing, and according to the Acquia certification list, we can proudly say that Intracto nv is the first Belgian company that has in-house Acquia Drupal 8 certified grand masters.




We also have at least one Acquia Drupal certified developer in every Drupal development team.


After reading this article, we hope that you have a concise overview of the Acquia certification programme, that you can decide to go or not to go for obtaining Acquia Drupal certificates and that it can guide you through the preparation and registration process.


If you have further questions, please feel free to talk to our in-house Drupal experts during one of our events. We are thrilled to meet you.