31 January 2019

Discussing digital transformation across MMS Teams at Digital Pharma Summit

The 3rd edition of Digital Pharma Summit, an assembly for pharma professionals in Belgium, will be held on Friday February 8 2019. This year, Adagio will be delivering a closing keynote to its +150 delegates.

Digital pharma summit

On the agenda: Enabling digital transformation across MMS Teams – From Challenge to Opportunity

Cédéric Penny, Digital Business Consultant, will be speaking about “Enabling digital transformation across MMS Teams – From Challenge to Opportunity”

How can a pharmaceutical company in today’s digital world ensure Marketing, Sales and Medical staff (MMS) are maximizing their potential? How can they seamlessly work together, and benefit from each other’s activities to achieve their individual goals? What are some best practices, and which technology can play a pivotal role? During this slot, you will discover how companies can break the silos between Marketing, Medical staff and Sales Reps using digital platforms. Learn how technology transforms MMS roles into customer experience designers. You will also understand why and how the role of Sales Reps becomes even more crucial and elevated in the multi-channel realm, in contrast to all current industry trends. It is an important evolution that Sales, Marketing and Medical Staff need and can prepare for, moreover as Sales Reps need to balance between “Promotion” and “Education”.

About Digital Pharma Summit

Digital Pharma Summit is the best content-driven Digital for Pharma gathering in Belgium. More than 150 professionals convene to get the latest insights into what the future digital & multichannel holds for the pharmaceutical industry. Digital Pharma Summit is a platform to discuss strategies and exchange best practices with other Marketeers in need of inspiration.

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