25 August 2015

Developing on rocket fuel

Sharing is caring, especially among developers, where the sharing takes form as open-source code and community tools.

Developing on rocket fuel

Looking at and writing code is what I do almost every day, usually for hours on end. I had been using the excellent Saturn theme by Pasquale, but ever since I helped converting his theme for the Sublime Text editor, I had been thinking about making my own editor theme. Finally my curiosity took over and I managed to set up a theme generator and bundled up 11 themes.

Introducing: Interstellar!

The colors are inspired by the planets and stars of our solar system, and the package comes with a Sublime Text UI theme which renders the editor entirely black and white, placing your code center stage.

Feel like going on a journey through outer space?
Follow the installation steps and get ready for lift-off!