04 January 2018

10 recommendations to amplify the success of your email marketing campaign

Adagio is going to help you to make the most of your email marketing campaign for your business. As follows, we’ll list several recommendations to amplify the success potential. We’ll not dive too deep into each recommendation, as to maintain a structured list. Nevertheless, if you’d like to hear more about one or two particular topics mentioned in the underneath list, feel free to visit our web page where you can download any white paper of your choice or get in touch with one of our Adagio professionals.

email marketing campaign

Our 10 recommendations to amplify success:


Throwback to previous years

The very first step to creating a successful email campaign is to analyze your previous email campaigns to check out exactly what worked and what didn’t. What are the blind spots you’ve missed? Any optimization (and quick wins) possible? What did strike a chord and should be leveraged even further? When these learnings have been obtained, you’re in pole-position to perfectly plan your next email campaign, based on tangible results.


Due diligence – Industry research

You should continuously be monitoring industry trends and insights, and their impact (and opportunities!) on email marketing. Make sure your learning are embedded in your email marketing strategy, both from an adoption as a hedging point of view. You should always be analyzing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to solidify premium performance and results.


Create tangible goals for your email marketing campaign

A goal without a plan is just a wish – That’s important to grasp. It’s of the essence to set goals and plan your campaign in a detailed manner. Make achievable goals, whether your campaign gets 10% more opens or 100 more clicks than last year. You have to make a goal as it gives your business something to work towards to.


Implementation of divergent emails (dynamic content)

The most important activities in your email campaign are targeting and segmentation. Use your contact list to check which contacts are active and inactive. Or, if you’re working in a more advanced manner, utilize your lead scoring model. Don’t send the same frequencies and same sort of emails to your inactive contacts as to your more engaged contacts. Make sure your focus is on prospective new clients and on those who click more often but aren’t converting, without neglecting continuous relationship nurturing of your established customers.


The subject line is the star or your email

Email design and dynamic content is obviously quite important for your email campaign success, but if your emails only get opened by 20% of your recipients, your design won’t get you far. That’s why you should rightfully consider the subject line to be the prime star is truly is. Emails are still getting opened on how successful/resonating/catchy/quirky/creative your subject line is. Create excitement, urgency and curiosity, whilst applying personalization. If you prefer a fact-based approach, don’t hesitate to resort to A/B testing to discover what subject line works best.


CTA’s are a must!

Call-to-action buttons, images and links are a must in your email marketing campaign. Create your CTA-buttons to encourage recipients to click through to your website. Skip the basic CTA words and make use of the words ‘get, read, try’. Make sure your CTA buttons are easy visible by use bright colors in your design amidst a clear structure.


Create urgency

Set a deadline in your email campaign to make sure the recipients don’t forget to click in the near future. It’s also beneficial to make use of time-sensitive wording like ‘Only one week left’. If you really want to go next-level, you can use ‘scarcity’, which is an alternative way to communicate urgency to your recipients, e.g. ‘Get it now before it’s gone’ and ‘Only 3 spots left’.


Make sure your email is responsive

As of writing, 55% of emails are opened and read on mobile. Marketers cannot longer ignore the importance of mobile and tablets, signifying that email responsivity if obligated nowadays.


Use Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is required these days. It allows you to set up multiple individually tailored workflows for your contacts. Through marketing automation, you’ll be ably to leverage your pile of big data and turn it into actionable insights on order to move both your prospects and actual customers further into the buying cycle.


Report, report, report

Last but not least, you should make it a standard to analyze and report on your campaigns, as there is a significant strength in benchmarking and comparing your actions and activities. In turn, this learning curve will result in better email performance.