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Intracto & Be Connect
Brussels agency Be Connect joins Intracto Group

With the acquisition of the creative performance agency Be ConnectIntracto Group is expanding its French language expertise in the field of digital strategy, content marketing and performance. This is an excellent opportunity to have an even greater impact in Brussels.

Be Connect's client portfolio includes companies such as Nestlé, Beobank, Etam, Undiz, Brico, D'Ieteren, VOO and Brussels Airport.

Het team van Joeri Timmermans vergadert bij Intracto
How to lead a (development) team

It's not always easy leading a team without being bossy. Especially when you suddenly become your own coworkers' team lead. That's exactly what happened to Joeri, who learned 8 valuable lessons on leading a team over the last two years.

Een Drupal-codesprint bij Intracto
Getting started guide for Acquia Drupal certification

Despite being often skeptical about certification programs ourselves, we do see the value in some of them in some particular cases. This blogpost will focus on the Acquia Drupal certification programme.

How Vue.js benefits your business

Vue (pronounced ‘vju’, like view) is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. It has a lot of benefits for developers and businesses alike. Our expert Sead explains.

How failure builds success

Strategy and design are more entwined than some people think. But what does a digital strategist take away from a design conference?

A casual intro to Machine Learning

This blog post will explain the main ideas behind machine learning and try to show you why you should care about any of them in the first place.

Modules to avoid in Drupal 8

We've listed a few Drupal 8 modules along with our personal experience and the reason why you should avoid them. Of course, this information might become out of date in a while as modules get updated and bugs are fixed.

Clean URLs disappearing in Drupal 8

My team and I were a few days away from launching materialise.com, a brand new Drupal 8 website for a 3D printing company when we started noticing some strange behavior regarding the URL aliases of the nodes.

How to build your own CMS, and why you shouldn't

For a while now we've been looking for a competent alternative to compete with Drupal. When a client requests a Content Management System (CMS), our go-to-technology has always been Drupal. Lately, however, we've had a growing need for a custom CMS solution.

PHP 7.1 what to expect?

PHP 7.1.0 was released this month, so it's time for a roundup of the most important new features that were added in this release.

5 takeaways from #WebSummit 2016 so far

For the last 3 days, me and my colleagues have been in Lisbon for Web Summit 2016. It's impossible to write about each and every talk we listened to, but here are our 5 takeaways from this conference so far:

Building a scraper to search for ga.js references

While Google Classic Analytics reaches its end, still a lot of websites are using the ga.js trackingcode to send data to their Google Analytics account.

CSS specificity: it ain't as hard as its pronunciation

CSS specificity: a concept every front end developer has been struggling with at some point. It‘s usually the reason why your CSS rules don’t apply to some elements, although you explicitly defined it.

Many developers tend to learn CSS specificity by trial-and-error, which often results in the overuse of styling with id’s or with the well-known last resort !important. In most cases these issues can easily be solved by tweaking your selectors so that your code will remain clear.

How to save a kitten by writing clean code

So you came here to save a kitten? That's wonderful, but the real reason we're both here is to talk about clean code. In this blog post I'll be sharing some of my personal experiences and tips. But before we dive into the tips and tricks part, let's talk about what we, as developers, do and why we do it. 

Beginning with Sonata Project

Sonata Project is a bundle collection for Symfony to basically make your day-to-day CRUD programming tasks easier. Hooking up your precious doctrine orm models with a backend interface has never been easier!

So let's get started! We are going to build a portfolio system with tags and clients ORM attached to it. First we set up our Symfony project from scratch by running composer:

Drupal code sprint @ Intracto

Fervente aanhangers van open-sourcetechnologieën: da’s wel het minste wat je kan zeggen van de Intractoriaanse developers. Het is dus helemaal niet zo verbazend dat we ons steentje willen bijdragen aan de naderende release van Drupal 8. Dit doen we door middel van een Drupal code sprint, die op zaterdag 24 oktober zal plaatsvinden in ons kantoor.

Building multiple maps with grunt
Building multiple maps with Grunt

At Intracto we use Bamboo to automate building and deployment of our web projects. All our projects have a comparable directory structure with a Gruntfile in the same location.

Running Symfony2 on PHP7

In a previous article (written in Dutch), I talked about our Vagrant setup and how we use shell provisioning to keep things simple.

For this follow-up article, I wrote a script that compiles PHP7 from source. This script was tested on Debian 8. It compiles PHP7 with all options Debian (and Dotdeb) usually do. You probably don't use many of these options, but now you can easily strip down your configure string and re-run the shell script. It activates opcache, has the MySQL extensions and compiles PHP CLI and PHP-FPM.

An introduction to Symfony Standard Edition

Last Sunday (Sept. 15) I took one of the many stages at Drupalcamp Leuven for my talk 'An Introduction to the Symfony Standard Edition'. I wanted to introduce Drupal developers to the basic workings of Symfony by way of a demo, as Drupal 8 and Symfony 2 are much more integrated. So a good understanding of Symfony would benefit Drupal devs as well.

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